AVTECH successfully finalizes the Aventus implementation at Southwest Airlines

AVTECH Sweden AB (publ) ("AVTECH", "the Company") today announces that the Company has successfully finalized the implementation of the Aventus NowCast Descent solution (“Aventus”) at Southwest Airlines (“SWA”). The implementation was executed using a four step approach; 1) setup and testing of integration between AVTECH and SWA’s systems to ensure properly functioning messaging; 2) shadow mode operations where optimized winds were generated and sent to SWA’s systems but not onwards to aircraft; 3) a pilot program where selected SWA-aircraft received and utilized the optimized Aventus winds; 4) implementation into the full SWA-fleet at all SWA’s 94 airports across North America and the Caribbean. In parallel a run-in and integration between AVTECH’s newly established production center in Orlando and Panasonic Avionics Corporation’s technical infrastructure related to Panasonic Avionics Corporation’s delivery of wind data to AVTECH, has been executed.

Finalizing implementation of the Aventus-service to SWA means that the agreement between AVTECH and SWA now enters into commercial operational production.

“Deploying our Aventus NowCast Descent service for Southwest Airlines has been a very smooth process, both thanks to the technical level of the Aventus system as well as to a great cooperation with Southwest and Panasonic Avionics Corporation throughout the project”, says David Rytter, the Head of Aventus NowCast Technology and Product Deployment. “This first major network-wide implementation of the Aventus service has brought us a lot of experience that we will be able to use going forward in potential future major implementations. It is with tremendous satisfaction that I see that our substantial efforts on the technical side of the Aventus Business Unit to create a system that is robust, able to manage large transaction volumes and that is easily deployed, have paid off according to plan”, finishes David Rytter.

“Being a small Swedish company with limited resources up to this date, AVTECH’s technical department that is meritoriously led by David Rytter has truly accomplished some astonishing things to take the innovative and unique Aventus NowCast concept to the point of technical matureness where it currently is. I look forward to an exciting winter of 2014/2015”, says Jonas Saric, Business Unit Director Aventus NowCast and CFO.

About Aventus NowCast

The Aventus NowCast™ system is a unique and patented system that enables accurate wind information and/or 4 Dimensional Trajectories for flights, making use of the very best in atmospheric modeling combined with weather information (AMDAR/TAMDAR) to create high resolution wind models and wind data packages for the different segments of a flight; a so called NowCast. Data packages are uplinked to aircraft to enable the onboard Flight Management Systems (FMS) to accurately calculate an optimized flight profile and the actual time when each waypoint of a flight will be reached. The immediate benefits of Aventus NowCast are airline fuel and CO2 savings, i.e. the solution is highly environmentally friendly. Aventus is also imperative for aviation wide Time-based operations, which is an area where the solution provides even larger overall financial and environmental benefits through the provision of increased efficiency and punctuality of individual flights and of the air transport system as a whole.

For more information, please contact

Jonas Saric, Business Unit Director Aventus NowCast and CFO, +46 (0) 8 544 104 80

David Rytter, Head of Aventus NowCast Technology and Solutions Deployment, +46 (0) 8 544 104 80

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AVTECH develops products and services for digital Air Traffic Management (ATM). Its customers include the global aviation industry; e.g. airlines, airports, aviation authorities, technology companies and airline manufacturers. By using AVTECH’s products and services, each individual flight as well as the entire airline operation can be optimized in terms of cost, noise and emission, efficiency, punctuality and safety. The head office is in Stockholm, Sweden with subsidiaries in Toulouse, France and an associated company in Dubai, U.A.E. AVTECH Sweden AB is listed on NASDAQ OMX First North and has appointed Mangold Fondkommission AB, tel: +46 8 503 01 550, as Certified Adviser.