AVTECH passes a significant milestone of 1 000 000 Aventus NowCast flights with 99,9% delivery robustness

AVTECH Sweden AB (publ) ("AVTECH", "the Company") today announces that the Company recently executed its millionth commercial Aventus NowCast flight, helping airlines save significant amounts of fuel and in excess of 50 million metrical tonnes of CO2 through the supply of accurate wind information and/or 4-Dimensional Trajectories for flights. The service provision of Aventus NowCast has furthermore been thoroughly robust, with average up-times of delivery of wind uplinks exceeding 99,9%, well exceeding industry requirements.

“Exceeding a million commercial Aventus flights represents a significant milestone in the history of AVTECH, and we are furthermore proud not only to pass that milestone but to do it with such a high level of robustness in the Aventus system”, says Christer Staaf, Chief Executive Officer of AVTECH. “While Sales discussions are progressing, I am quite impressed by the work executed by David Rytter and his technical team in ensuring a highly mature and robust solution in use with customers 24/7 365 days a year. Going forward we look forward to expand the Aventus NowCast solution to cover all segments of flights and though we are satisfied of a million flights we continue our mission to generate even bigger benefits to the aviation industry”, finishes Christer Staaf.

For more information, please contact

Christer Staaf, CEO, +46 (0) 8 544 104 80

Jonas Saric, BU Director Aventus NowCast, +46 (0) 8 544 104 80

About Aventus NowCast

The Aventus NowCast™ system is a unique and patented system that enables accurate wind information and/or 4-Dimensional Trajectories for flights, making use of the very best in atmospheric modeling combined with weather information (AMDAR and/or TAMDAR) to create high resolution wind models and wind data packages for the different segments of a flight; a so called NowCast. Data packages are uplinked to aircraft to enable the onboard Flight Management Systems (FMS) to accurately calculate an optimized flight profile and the actual time when each waypoint of a flight will be reached. The immediate benefits of Aventus NowCast are airline fuel and CO2 savings, i.e. the solution is highly environmentally friendly. Aventus is also imperative for aviation wide Time-based operations, which is an area where the solution provides even larger overall financial and environmental benefits through the provision of increased efficiency and punctuality of individual flights and of the air transport system as a whole.

About AVTECH Sweden AB (publ)

AVTECH develops products and services for digital Air Traffic Management (ATM). Its customers include the global aviation industry; e.g. airlines, airports, aviation authorities, technology companies and airline manufacturers. By using AVTECH’s products and services, each individual flight as well as the entire airline operation can be optimized in terms of cost, noise and emission, efficiency, punctuality and safety. The head office is in Stockholm, Sweden with subsidiaries in Toulouse, France and an associated company in Dubai, U.A.E. AVTECH Sweden AB is listed on NASDAQ OMX First North and has appointed Redeye AB, tel: +46 8 545 013 30, as Certified Adviser.