Improved efficiency and reduced cost of every flight

Cruise at optimal flight levels.

Initiate descents at the optimal point.

No extra work for the pilots.

1.6 % demonstrated fuel saving potential.

No investments required.

Save fuel on every flight

A more efficient operation where airlines can save fuel and time. Pilots will want to operate their aircraft in the most efficient manner if they have the necessary information and its easy. Apart from saving fuel and important costs for the airline this also increases fuel margins and reduces pilot workload in critical parts of the flight, such as the descent for landing.

Climb and decent optimization

Aventus improves FMC calculation during climb, cruise and decent, by up-linking precise wind and temperature data to the aircraft. 

cruise optimization

ClearPath optimises each flight, it calculates the truly cost-optimal cruise profile based on selected cost index, actual performance data and the current atmosphere.