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All our products and services are built on the concept that they should be easy to implement and use. They don’t require any investments in new hardware, instead they are ground-based and uses the already existing aircraft technology.  All our services can either run in a connected mode where the service automatically communicates with the aircraft or in a mode where our systems instead collect the required data from other sources.


The new flight path optimization service that runs automatically in real-time and calculates a total cost optimal flight path for each individual flight. 

Cost Index based

Runs automatically

Saves 1.6 % of cruise fuel


All flight related weather information presented and visualized in a single place. Powered by the Met Office 10KM Resolution Global Weather model proFLIGHT can improve the safety and comfort of passengers and crew.

Tailored high-resolution weather

Flight optimization

Standard aviation weather


The world’s leading wind uplink service for connected aircraft to save fuel and improve accuracy.

It reduces fuel consumption by supplying the on-board flight computer with up-to-date meteorological information.

Optimized FMC weather

Saves fuel

Reduces CO2 emissions


Receive warnings and notifications about weather- hazards and threats on you route. Delivered directly to the cockpit in a user friendly format. It translates all SIGMETS and turbulence information into entry and exit points in relation to existing waypoints in the route.

Real-time alerts

User friendly

Runs automatically


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