New technology to support a greener aviation recovery

AVTECH's Cruise Profile Optimizer saves fuel and lowers CO2 emissions with a guaranteed 1.6% cruise fuel saving.

AVTECH’s latest Cruise Profile Optimizer service provides pilots with tactical information on how to operate each individual flight in the most efficient way. The service has been in operational use in Norwegian since autumn 2019 and has shown an average of 1.6% cruise fuel saving per flight.

While reducing CO2 emissions the service also saves fuel costs for the airline. This makes the service a perfect part of an airline's strategy to recover from the covid-19 crisis and to strengthen its environmental profile moving forward.

“AVTECH now offers a free test period with a 1.6% fuel saving guarantee and as the service is easy to deploy and requires no upfront investments, we hope airlines will see this as a natural part of their traffic recovery plan and a more environmentally conscious operation”, says David Rytter, CEO of AVTECH. 


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