AVTECH Sweden AB recruits for key positions in finance, marketing and business development.

AVTECH Sweden AB has now entered a phase of growth where it has become central, in terms of business strategy, to strengthen the company’s human resources function. Jonas Saric will join the management team as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Björn Olsson will be the company’s new Key Account Sales Manager and Charlotte Johnston Lönnberg joins as Head of Communications.

Jonas Saric has a degree in finance and previously served as CFO and Marketing Director for LFV Aviation Consulting AB, which is an international subsidiary of LFV’s unit dealing in Air Traffic Management (ATM). Jonas has altogether 15 years of experience from senior positions in international business, amongst others, ATM, digital communications and industrial retail, where he has also served as CFO to the First North Premier-listed company Effnet Holding AB (publ).

– I am very excited about joining a company which operates in a business field facing such an important and impending paradigm shift, which is the case for the aviation industry as a whole. In midst of this continuing and global development of technology, there is currently an infinite market opportunity for AVTECH’s products and continued business development, says Jonas Saric.

Björn Olsson has an impressive background in the field of aviation and is also bringing with him 20 years of expertise in sales and marketing. Most recently, he held the role of Sales Director at Navtech. During his time at Navtech, Björn was also responsible for successfully establishing the company’s new business area in Australia, to where he also relocated during this start-up process. He also has a technical background from SAS, with emphasis on flight operations and navigation.

Charlotte Johnston Lönnberg has a combined degree in languages and law from Sweden and in addition, a business degree with emphasis on marketing from the UK. Her resume highlights many years of experience in the areas of marketing and communications, both from the UK and Sweden, always from a multicultural perspective. More recently and since returning to her native Sweden, Charlotte has been working as a Language- and Communications consultant, on a freelance basis.

– AVTECH Sweden AB is currently in the midst of a very exciting growth phase and we are all looking forward to our listing on NASDAQ OMX First North, expected later in February. With their combined experience from listed companies and international business operations, our new team members will be a crucial contribution in this process, says David Alvord, CEO. If the global aviation industry is to keep up with its current growth rate, implementing high performing Air Traffic Management systems, such as AVTECH’s product, Aventus NowCast™, is of crucial importance. The coming year will require targeted efforts and special competence from our team in enabling our company to take the necessary steps conducive to growth and increasing profitability, says Alvord.

This expansion of the depth of the AVTECH team, has been made possible by AVTECH Sweden’s very successful Initial Public Offering last November and is therefore completely in accordance with the company’s planned business strategy for 2012.

Charlotte Johnston Lönnberg joined the company in January 2012 and Jonas Saric and Björn Olsson will be starting their new positions in the very near future.

AVTECH Sweden has, in connection with the company’s listing on First North, appointed Thenberg & Kinde Fondkommission AB, + 46 31 745 50 00, as Certified Financial Advisor.