All flight related weather information presented and visualized in a single place. Powered by the Met Office 10KM Resolution Global Weather model proFLIGHT can improve the safety and comfort of passengers and crew. The forecast is tailored to the flight’s trajectory and time. Turbulence can be avoided or reduced. If turbulence is encountered, the crew will have the best information possible for the climb/descent decision.

Values and benefits
Combining AVTECH’s Aventus premium services NOWCAST and SIGMA (powered by Met Office’s 10KM resolution weather forecast), results in a unique decision support tool for professional pilots. Using the tailored weather information and flight path optimization leads to a safer flight both for passengers and crew and reduces the fuel burn and emissions.
Get real time access to the most detailed aviation weather forecast available today. The weather data can be updated at any time during flight preparation and/or in flight.

To see a short presentation on how IATA Turbulence Aware is integrated into proFLIGHT and combined with Met Office 10K turbulence forecast, please follow this link to our YouTube channel

User Friendly Visualization
Developed in a close cooperation with professional airline pilots to achieve a user friendly interface and a clear view of the weather and warnings/hazards along the planned flight route. The combination of the synchronized horizontal- and vertical view improves the pilot’s situational awareness.

Pilot Decision Support
Combining the real time access to high resolution weather and flight path optimization, assists the pilot in making better pre- and in-flight decisions leading to a safer and more efficient flight.
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On YouTube we have released tutorials on how proFLIGHT works, you can view them here
How to quickstart proFLIGHT (a quickstart is possible if a part of your flight is inside EUROCONTROL area)

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