Cockpit Solutions

Tailored weather warnings

 Real-time satellite pictures on CB activity is available through Airbus Space and Defence. 

Ease the pilot workload

Real-time decision support, both for flight planning and in-fligh.

Real-time weather

Airlines that take part of the IATA Turbulence Aware Program can access the real-time turbulence warnings through ProFlight. 

High-resolution weather

Instant access to unique tailored high-resolution aviation weather, standard weather charts and flight profile optimization.


proFLIGHT is a decision support tool providing the pilot with tailored flight weather, traditional aviation weather reports and a sophisticated flight profile optimization. All in one single mobile application.

Using AVTECH’s cloud-based aviation services proFLIGHT gives the pilot access to a 10KM High-Resolution Global Weather model provided by UK Met Office.