Fully automatic real-time flight path optimization 

Reduces fuel burn and CO2 emissions by 2.5%

Fully automatic & integrated aviation services  

We drive the transition to safer more sustainable and eco-efficient aviation operations with our innovative technologies!


Real-time flight path optimization

Fully automatic or by manual request throughout the flight to help the pilots operate the flight in the most eco-efficient way.


Dynamic wind uplink to the FMC

Fully automatic and dynamic wind- and temperature- uplink service directly to the aircraft FMC.


Weather hazards notifications

Get automatic in-flight notificatins of weather hazards such as turbulence and SIGMETs on the route. 


Next generation pilot's weather- and optimization- EFB solution

Get unique tailored high-resolution weather data and optimization for increased pilot situational awareness and improved operational efficiency.

Sustainable, reliable and affordable

Summary of AVTECH’s services running in our customers daily flight operations

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Cruise fuel and CO2 reduction on average
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Average descent fuel saving per flight
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Professional pilots from 200 airlines
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Save fuel, save money, save environment!

Implementing our services is seamless and will result in a direct reduction in fuel consumption from day one.

Easy to deploy

One connection to our service platform enables all our services at once and minimizes any communication cost.

Connecting to our platform using existing technology means quick and easy deployment with no extra costs.

With one connection our system can retrieve real flight data required for our 4-dimensional safety- and efficiency- services, maximizing the value for the customer.

We are pleased to support our customers towards improved operational efficiency and at the same time reducing the environmental impact

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“By implementing Aventus SIGMA wind and weather information to all our pilots personal briefings, we have a better understanding and control of the environmental factors that affect the pilots decisions.”

Stig Patey
Captain B737 &
Manager Fuel Saving, Norwegian Airshuttle

“Avtech´s precise flight tailored wind uplink service enhances the optimizationcapabilities of the onboard Flight Management Computer. It helped Eurowings already in the trial phase from the first day on to reach the ambitious fuel efficiency targets. The automatically generated and send push wind uplinks are especially an advantage in short haul operations.”

Sebastian Schauerte, Eurowings


We drive the transition to safer more sustainable and eco-efficient aviation operations with our innovative technologies!

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